Prayers and Reflections for use at home


Lord, you are my hope,
my food, my trust, my comfort,
and all my desire.  Amen.

Dorothea of Montau (1347-94)

In the second week of Advent, we remember the Prophets who spoke of peace and justice, and encouraged - or challenged! - God's people to mend their ways.  Our Bible passage comes from Isaiah 40.  You may be familiar with its opening words - Comfort, O comfort my people, says your God - as this is one of the readings at Nine Lessons and Carols.  It offers us a beautiful image of God making it easy for us to find him.  In sending his Son to us, he created the equivalent of a super-highway.  Our access to him is always open, well-signposted and delay free.  In Advent, we take the time to do so some roadworks to clear any obstacles we've put in the way of us being with God and dwelling in his love.

May these prayers and reflections draw you deeper into your relationship with God, fill you with hope and inspire your daily walk through Advent to Christmas.

If you are struggling with the sadness and social distancing caused by the coronavirus, do call or email me.  I am here for you.

Every blessing,

Revd Katrina (Vicar)

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Our next edition will be out in time for December 13th - Advent 3.

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