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Please complete the whole form as this information is required to register your marriage.  You can each have up to 4 parents included in your marriage registration.  By parent, we mean your mother, your father, your adoptive parents or your step-parents.  You are free to choose how many (if any) parents you wish to include.

General Data Protection Regulation:  The data controller is the vicar of the benefice, who will use the information on this form to ensure that the legal requirements relating to the marriage are complied with and to make arrangements for the wedding ceremony.  The vicar will only share the information with those who need to see it for those purposes.

By completing this form, you are also giving permission to the vicar of the benefice and/or the minister conducting your wedding to contact you after the wedding and/or to invite you to benefice services and events.  You can unsubscribe at any time by contacting our vicar - the Revd Katrina Hutchins at or on 01604 812907.

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