Supporting Street Church


All Saints Church and Mears Ashby village are supporters of Street Church in Northampton which is hosted in Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, 147-155 Kettering Road (entrance via Cowper Street) every Sunday.  Guests with a variety of issues, which may include homelessness, addiction, mental illness and loneliness, are welcomed between 1.30pm - 3.30pm and given lunch.  Twenty churches, including All Saints - Mears Ashby, provide the catering team and food on a rota basis.  Thank you to all who helped provide and/or serve food to the guests at Street Church in 2018-19.

Our dates for 2020 are:

Sunday 2 February 2020
Sunday 7 June 2020
Sunday 16 August 2020

How you can help

Each time we are on duty, we need to provide enough food for a lunch for 80 - 100 adults (any spare going in pack ups for the guests to take away).  These are men and women, with or without faith, from different cultures and backgrounds.  Most are destitute and in need of reassurance, companionship and something to eat.

Can you help us to prepare and provide:

22 loaves of sandwiches - ham or tuna or cheese (not grated) or egg
[White or brown/with crusts/not cut/put back in loaf bag and labelled.  Under food hygiene rules, these must be made fresh on the Sunday morning.]

30 tins of cream of tomato soup

30 tins of cream of chicken soup

Cakes - small cakes (if homemade, we will need a list of ingredients)

Biscuits - such as Kit Kats, Penguin bars, etc. (but not packets of biscuits)

Individual packets of crisps

Fruit - soft fruits such as bananas and satsumas, not apples


All of the food needs to be delivered before the Saturday; apart from sandwiches, which should be dropped off on the Sunday before 11am.  Please email James Bellamy ( to let him know what you plan to provide, or call James or Alison on 01604 811517.  Their address is 10 Wellingborough Road, Mears Ashby (door at garden end).  If you have any questions, please call James or Alison.

Drop-off deadlines

Food for Street Church Sunday
2 February 2020

7 June 2020

16 August 2020
All food except sandwiches Friday 31 January Friday 5 June Friday 14 August
Sandwiches Sunday before 11am Sunday before 11am Sunday before 11am

Thank you for your support.


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