Our Curate


Introducing our curate, Revd Lesley,
and her husband Bob

On the afternoon of Sunday 27 June 2021 in Peterborough Cathedral, Lesley Tomalin was ordained deacon and joined this benefice as our curate.  Here, she will learn what it means to be first a deacon and then a priest alongside Revd. Katrina.  She will immerse herself into the life of the church and villages.  In her first year, she will be able to assist at Holy Communion services, lead non-Eucharistic services, preach - read - lead prayers, conduct baptisms and funerals, visit people in their homes and gardens, and join in school life.  She won't do all of this at once!  She'll build up to this over her first six months or so.  Do hold Lesley and her husband Bob in your thoughts and prayers.

If you would like to know a little bit more about them, click HERE to read their introductions.


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